Who are we?

SpeakEasy Spoken Word BXL is a collective, a space, a stage, a dream. Women run poetic pandemonium. A place where performers, artists, lovers of words and audience come together to create and listen. Basically, we are where the poetry takes us, but we physically comprise of: 

Miksi Bee


Miksi can’t sleep at night but loves to tell you about it on stage. Brussels based since 2013, poetry based since birth.

Wilma Dragonetti

Organiser-fire cracker-performer

Wilma wants words with wonders where would we wake without Wilma?

MJ Merillet

founder-mistress of wit-performer

MJ is a Kalashnikov with words. Working, writing, eating, sleeping, wow-ing you with stories and working again.

Want to perform? Have a question? Need a hug?